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Compression Hosiery

patients buying suppliesDealing with edema, phlebitis, and thrombosis is not easy. These venous disorders are not only unpleasing to look at, but they also cause major pain to those who have them.

Jessup Care Pharmacy provides comfort and management to this condition through our compression hosiery items. The secret of this product is in its material which provides ample pressure, to prevent further damage in the venous walls, relieving the patient of painful and weighty legs.

Get to experience convenience by availing of our compression stockings which are not only therapeutic but equally fashionable, as well.

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Jessup Care Pharmacy dedicates its genuine and compassionate service to the locals of Jessup, Savage, and Columbia area. We provide the needed care when it comes to consultations, prescriptions, compounding, and other pharmacy products and services that we extend to our customers. Our utmost concern to the health and wellness of our patrons is our foremost priority as we open our doors and hearts in serving them every day.

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